Adh-Dhariyat ("The Winnowing Winds")

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(51:0) In the name of God, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

(51:1) By the atoms that scatter.

(51:2) Carrying a charge.

(51:3) Flowing smoothly.

(51:4) Distributing a command.

(51:5) What you are being promised is true.

(51:6) The Judgment will come to pass.

(51:7) By the sky with orbits.

(51:8) You are in verbal discord.

(51:9) Misled by it is the deviant.

(51:10) Woe to the deceitful.

(51:11) Who are in mischief, unaware.

(51:12) They ask: "When is the day of Judgment?"

(51:13) The day they are tested upon the fire.

(51:14) "Taste this trial of yours; this is what you asked to be hastened."

(51:15) The righteous are in paradises and springs.

(51:16) Receiving what their Lord has bestowed to them, for they were before that pious.

(51:17) They used to rarely sleep the whole night.

(51:18) Before dawn, they would seek forgiveness.

(51:19) An in their money was a portion for the beggar and the needy.

(51:20) In the earth are signs for those who are certain.

(51:21) And within yourselves; do you not see?

(51:22) In the heaven is your provision, and what you are promised.

(51:23) By the Lord of the heaven and the earth, this is truth just as the fact that you speak.

(51:24) Has the story of Abraham's noble guests come to you?

(51:25) When they entered upon him, they said, "Peace." He said, "Peace to a people unknown!"

(51:26) Then he went to his family and brought a fat roasted calf.

(51:27) He offered it to them, he said, "Do you not eat?"

(51:28) He then became fearful of them. They said, "Do not fear," and they gave him good news of a knowledgeable son.

(51:29) His wife then approached in amazement. She slapped upon her face, and said, "I am a sterile old woman!"

(51:30) They said, "It was such that your Lord has said. He is the Wise, the Knowledgeable."

(51:31) He said, "What is your undertaking, O messengers?"

(51:32) They said, "We have been sent to a criminal people."

(51:33) "To send down upon them rocks of clay."

(51:34) "Prepared by your Lord for the transgressors."

(51:35) We then vacated from it all those who acknowledged.

(51:360 But We only found in it one house of those who had peacefully surrendered.

(51:37) We have left in it a sign for those who fear the painful retribution.

(51:38) Also Moses, for We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear authority.

(51:39) But he turned away, in arrogance, and he said, "A magician, or crazy."

(51:40) So We took him and his troops; We cast them into the sea, and he was to blame.

(51:41) Also Aad, for We sent upon them the hurricane wind.

(51:42) Anything that it came upon was utterly destroyed.

(51:43) Also Thamud, for it was said to them: "Enjoy for a while."

(51:44) But they rebelled against the command of their Lord. So the lightning struck them while they were looking.

(51:45) They were unable to rise up, nor could they win.

(51:46) The people of Noah before; they were a wicked people.

(51:47) We constructed the universe with might, and We are expanding it.

(51:48) The earth We furnished; We are fine Providers.

(51:49) From everything We created a pair, perhaps you may remember.

(51:50) So turn towards God. I am to you from Him a clear warner.

(51:51) Do not make any other god with God. I am to you from Him a clear warner.

(51:52) Likewise, when a messenger went to those before them, they said, "A magician, or crazy."

(51:53) Have they passed down this saying to each other? Indeed, they are a wicked people.

(51:54) So turn away from them; you will not be blamed.

(51:55) Remind, for the reminder benefits those who acknowledge.

(51:56) I did not create the Genius and the Mankind except to serve Me.

(51:57) I need no provisions from them, nor do I need them to give food.

(51:58) God is the Provider, the One with Power, the Supreme.

(51:59) The transgressors will have the same fate as their previous friends; so let them not be hasty.

(51:60) So woe to those who rejected from the day that is waiting for them.