Al-Burooj ("The Constellations")

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(85:0) In the name of God, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

(85:1) By the Universe, containing the constellations.

(85:2) The appointed day.

(85:3) A witness and a witnessed.

(85:4) Woes to people of the canyon.

(85:5) The fire supplied with fuel.

(85:6) Then they sat around it.

(85:7) They were witness to what they did to those who acknowledge.

(85:8) They hated them because they acknowledged God, the Noble, the Praiseworthy!

(85:9) The One to whom belongs the kingship of heavens and earth, and God is witness over everything.

(85:10) Those who have put the acknowledging men and women under ordeal, and then did not repent, they will have the retribution of hell, and they will have the retribution of burning.

(85:11) Those who acknowledge and do good works, they will have gardens with rivers flowing beneath. Such is the great reward.

(85:12) The punishment of your Lord is severe.

(85:13) It is He who initiates and then returns.

(85:14) He is the Forgiver, the Most Kind.

(85:15) Possessor of The Fame Universe.

(85:16 Doer of what He wills.

(85:17) Has news come to you of the soldiers?

(85:18) Pharaoh and Thamud?

(85:19) No, those who rejected are in denial.

(85:20) God, after them, is Encompassing.

(85:21) No, it is a famous architecture.

(85:22) Preserved on a (divine) hard drive.