Al-Fajr ("The Dawn")

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(89:0) In the name of God, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

(89:1) By the dawn.

(89:2) The ten nights.

(89:3) The even and the odd.

(89:4) The night when it passes.

(89:5) In this is an oath for the one with intelligence.

(89:6) Did you not see what your Lord did to Aad?

(89:7) Iram, with the great columns?

(89:8) The one which was like no other in the land?

(89:9) Thamud who carved the rocks in the valley?

(89:10) And Pharaoh with the pyramids?

(89:11) They all transgressed in the land.

(89:12) Made much corruption therein.

(89:13) So your Lord poured upon them a measure of retribution.

(89:14) Your Lord is ever watchful.

(89:15) As for man, if his Lord tests him and grants him much, then he says: "My Lord has blessed me!"

(89:16) If his Lord tests him and gives him little wealth, then he says: "My Lord has humiliated me!"

(89:17) No, you are not generous to the orphan.

(89:18) You do not look to feeding the poor.

(89:19) You consume others inheritance, all with greed.

(89:20) You love money, a love that is excessive.

(89:21) No, when the earth is pounded into rubble.

(89:22) Your Lord comes with the angels row after row.

(89:23) Hell on that day is brought. On that day the human being will remember, but how will the remembrance now help him?

(89:24) He says: "I wish I had worked towards my life!"

(89:25) On that day, no other will bear his punishment.

(89:26) Nor will anyone be able to free his bonds.

(89:27) "As for you, O the content person."

(89:28) "Return to your Lord pleasing and pleased."

(89:29) "Enter in amongst My servants."

(89:30) "Enter My Paradise."