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Quran corpus data

The triliteral root sīn ʿayn rā (س ع ر) occurs in the Quran 19 times.

Neurosis of Samsara

(4:55) Some of them acknowledged it, and some of them turned from it. Suffices (for them) neurosis (Arab. سَعِيرًا, saʿīran) of Samsara.

Neurosis Suffering

(4:10) Those who consume the money of the orphans illicitly, in fact are consuming fire in their bellies, and they will be burned in neurosis (Arab. سَعِيرًا, saʿīran).

(67:5) We have adorned the lower heaven with lamps, and We made it with projectiles against the devils; and We prepared for them the torment of the neurosis (Arab. السَّعِيرِ, l-saʿīri).