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Night lām-yā-lām Corpus Count

The triliteral root lām yā lām (ل ي ل) occurs 92 times in the Quran.

In The Quran

Moses's nights

(2:51) And when We appointed for Moses (period of) forty nights (Arab. لَيْلَةً, laylatan), then you took the calf after him while you were wicked.

(7:142) We appointed for Moses thirty nights (Arab. لَيْلَةً, laylatan) and completed them with ten, so the appointed time of his Lord was completed at forty nights (Arab. لَيْلَةً, laylatan). Moses said to his brother Aaron: "Be my successor with my people and reform, and do not follow the path of the corrupters."

The Night covers The Day

(13:3) And He is the One who solidified The Earth (crust), established on it mountain ranges and rivers, and from every fruit He made on it, a pair of two. He (causes) the night (Arab. اللَّيْلَ, al-layla) to cover the day. Verily, in that are (solid) signs for a people who use allegorical thinking.

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